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The UHCA Handbook outlines the basic rules of UHCA Events, how the association is governed, and information on membership and entry fees, paybacks, and year-end awards. We encourage you to review the Handbook prior to joining or competing in an event.


Printed copies of the handbook will be available at the first few races of the year.                                


Colt Division High Point



Horsemanship Award

McCracken Saddles & Tack is giving away a “High Point Horsemanship” McCracken Saddle in the 2017 UHCA Colt Division. The owners of McCracken Saddles and Tack, Jake and Laura, are awarding this saddle because they feel that horsemanship is a very important aspect in training horses.  In their opinion, the UHCA Colt Division, is one of the most diverse and challenging competitions to train for and demonstrate horseman’s skills. Great horses come from great horsemanship and this starts when they are colts.

This saddle will be given to the horse/rider team attaining the Highest Cumulative HORSEMANSHIP Points from that teams best 5 races of the season. Only the Horsemanship scores from each of the two judges at a race will be added together for an event total.

The horse/rider team must compete in the Colt Division in a minimum of three UHCA sanctioned events to be eligible for this award. In the event of a tie; the UHCA rules listed in the 2017 Handbook will be used to determine a winner.  Any UHCA member riding in the Colt Division during the 2017 season is eligible to compete for the saddle; there is not an additional nomination fee to win this saddle.  Use your best horsemanship skills and you could take home a saddle at the end of the year.

UHCA Grievance Policy

The UHCA Board meets periodically to discuss UHCA business. This includes suggestions and concerns from members. Should you wish for the Board to discuss your grievance/concern it is necessary that you complete the grievance form and mail/email it to the UHCA address listed on the form.The Board or its representative will respond to you in writing after having officially addressed the item. You can download the form by clicking the Grievance Form.


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